Smart phone cannot pair with scooter

  • Possible reasons
    1. Phone specification does not meet minimum system requirements
    2. Latest version of Gogoro® App not installed and opened correctly
    3. User did not press the Hazard Button or did not press the button long enough for the scooter to enter Bluetooth pairing mode
    4. User pressed the Hazard Button in motor standby mode, which prevents the scooter from entering Bluetooth pairing mode
    5. User tried to log into the Gogoro® App with incorrect account credentials
  • Solutions
    1. Use another phone with adequate specification
    2. Download and install the latest Gogoro® App
    3. Make sure the Hazard Button is pressed long enough and the “iQ System™ Quick Link” icon is blinking to start the pairing process
    4. For safety, please shut off the motor before pressing the Hazard Button to start the pairing process
    5. Log in with correct account credentials