Why I can't I pair the Gogoro App with my Smartscooter?

There are a few possible reasons

  1. Phone unable to meet minimum system requirements, including for Gogoro 2 Series support for BLE peripheral mode. Check Device Compatibility.
  2. Hazard button (Gogoro 1) or Smart button (Gogoro 2) was not pressed for long enough for Smartscooter™ to enter Bluetooth pairing mode
  3. Hazard or Smart button was pressed when the Smartscooter™ was off, meaning that the Smartscooter™ was unable to enter Bluetooth pairing mode
  4. Latest version of Gogoro® App not installed or opened
  5. Incorrect Gogoro® App account credentials Once able to address all the following, you should see the “iQ System™ icon on the dashboard start blinking, which will indicate that the pairing process has started.

For safety, please shut off the motor before pressing the Hazard Button to start the pairing process

For more details, please see the Gogoro website to Check Device Compatibility.

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