Before You Hit the Road

Welcome to your new Gogoro! Let us walk you through the right steps to operate your Smartscooter™ safely and maximize your riding experience. Please read this guide carefully before you hit the road and make sure you meet all the following requirements:

  • You already have a valid Motorcycle license.
  • You know how to safely and correctly ride a motorcycle of the class you are licensed to, and you are mentally and physically in proper condition.
  • You fully understand how to correctly operate a Smartscooter™.
  • You fully understand all the operational instructions, special notes and warnings described in this manual.
If you have any question concerning operation or maintenance of your Smartscooter™, please consult the Gogoro Service Center at 0800-365-996.

Have a safe and fun riding experience with Gogoro!

Safety Notice

Make the most of the superior performance of the Smartscooter™ by following appropriate handling and riding procedures. To protect yourself and others on the roads, please follow the instructions listed below:

  • Abstain from riding if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you are not in a good physical or mental condition.
  • Observe traffic rules and pay attention to road and traffic conditions to avoid dangerous situations proactively.
  • Always wear protective gear that meets the legal requirements, such as a helmet, and other protective gear such as gloves and boots when necessary.
  • Perform basic inspections before every ride. Check headlights, brakes, tire tread and tire pressure, as well as other potentially loose parts. Return to the Gogoro designated service center if maintenance or repairs are necessary.
This manual highlights important information with the following symbols:
Note: descriptions that need additional attention.
Warning: extra care must be taken to avoid personal or vehicle damage.
Gogoro Service Center features: items which can only be adjusted, activated or deactivated by the Gogoro service staff.

Names and Functions of the Vehicle





Left Handle Switches


High/low beam switch

  • Press to switch the headlight from low beam to high beam.

Passing light switch

  • Press to activate passing light, release to turn off.

Left/Right turn signal switch

  • Press once - the left turn signal blinks and plays an acoustic note. Press again to turn off.
    Note: The auto-off feature built into the turn signal lights will be activated when the handle is turned back past a certain threshold. ( Certain vehicle models only )

Horn button

  • Hold the horn button to activate the sound, release to stop.

Reverse button ( Certain vehicle models only )

  • Under motor standby mode, press it and the scooter will reverse slowly with flashing and audible warning sign.

Right Handle Switches


Hazard warning light switch

  • Press on the switch makes both turn signals blink and play an acoustic note.

Seat open / Regen button

  • (For vehicle models with iQ System™ Smart Key) If the Smartscooter™ is already unlocked, and motor is still off, press this button to open the seat for accessing the storage compartment below.
  • If the motor is standing by, press this button will turn on/off regenerative braking function. When regenerative braking is on, REGEN icon on dashboard will be on.
    Note: The system sets the intensity of regenerative braking based on the setting in the Gogoro® App, but also takes the current speed and remaining battery level into consideration, and makes minor adjustments accordingly.

S Button

  • Press the S Button to enter Super Boost Mode, another press switches back to Normal Mode.

Trip Toggle Button

  • Short presses cycle through different information on the odometer display; the information includes total mileage (ODO), single trip mileage (TRIP) and estimated remaining mileage for the current charge (RANGE).
  • With TRIP information on display, press the button for 3 seconds to reset.
    Note: The display returns to RANGE mode after being idle for 10 seconds if the remaining battery power is under one bar.
    Note: If the battery power is drained, the display stops at the RANGE mode and the mileage is shown as “-----” without any number, and the button won’t respond.

Smart Button

  • Press the button to activate the Smart Mode, another press deactivates the mode. (Please refer to the chapter: Moving and Stopping)

Dashboard Information

Gogoro 2 Plus

Gogoro 2

Start Button
Sets the Smartscooter™ to motor standby mode or shuts down the motor. (Please refer to the chapter: Moving and Stopping)
Remaining battery power display
Indicates the current battery level.
Speed display
Indicates the current moving speed.
No figure is shown with motor off, and “0” is displayed if the Smartscooter™ is in motor standby mode and remains in full stop.
Super Boost Mode
If the Smartscooter™ is in Super Boost Mode, the icon lights up.
Displays the current time; the time is automatically calibrated when the owner exchanges batteries at a GoStation®.
Odometer display
Displays total mileage (ODO), single trip mileage (TRIP) and estimated remaining mileage for the current charge (REMAINING).
Left turn signal
Blinks in sync with the left turn signal.
Right turn signal
Blinks in sync with the right turn signal.
Error warning
Turns on during operating errors or temporary system abnormalities.
High beam
Lights up along with the high beam.
Maintenance reminder
Informs the owner of any system abnormalities. The owner should visit a Gogoro service center.
System overheat warning
In case of motor or battery overheating, the sign lights up to remind the owner that the system will reduce its power output.
Low temperature protection
In case of battery temperature too low, the sign lights up to remind the owner that the system will reduce its power output.
iQ System™ Quick Link
The sign fully lights up when the Smartscooter™ connects to owner’s smartphone, and dims when no connection is established. (Please refer to the chapter: Smartphone App and Personalization)
Sport Activation Tariff Plan Mode
The sign lights up when the Smartscooter™ is set to Sport Activation Tariff Plan (premium upgrade).
Please consult the service center or sales staff.
Smart Mode
The sign lights up when Smart Mode activated, blinks when Smart Climbing Mode activated. (Please refer to Chapter 3: Moving and Stopping)
Tire pressure indication
Lights up if TPMS is installed and tire pressure is abnormal.
FRONT: Front tire; REAR: Rear tire.
Regenerative braking
Lights up when regenerative function is activated.
Directional ring
Displays several riding info. (Please refer to the detail discription in Gogoro® App.)