GoCharger® Battery Charger User’s Guide

Before using

Thanks for choosing GoCharger® battery charger. Let us walk you through the right steps to operate your GoCharger® correctly and safely. Please read this guide carefully before you start using GoCharger®.

  • Note: descriptions that need additional attention.
    • Warning: extra care must be taken to avoid personal or vehicle damage.
      • Gogoro Service Center features: items which can only be adjusted, activated or deactivated by the Gogoro service staff.

Safety notice

  • Warning: GoCharger® is specially designed to charge Gogoro® batteries. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  • Warning: GoCharger® is designed to operate indoors. Do not expose it to rain, direct sunshine, or any unspecified outdoor environment.
  • Warning: GoCharger® generates heat when it is charging batteries. Use it only in locations with proper ventilation, do not cover it or place any object on it, in order not to impact heat dissipation.
  • Warning: GoCharger® needs large current while charging, you should connect the AC cord directly into the wall AC socket, do not use extension cords or octopus plugs, in order to prevent circuit overload.
  • Warning: The wall AC socket that GoCharger™ uses needs to be well grounded. Do not use any kind of 3-ping to 2-ping converter, or nip the ground ping on the AC plug.
  • Warning: This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

Product features

GoCharger® is specifically designed for charging Gogoro® batteries. It connects to the internet and Gogoro server in order to authenticate the charger and batteries. Users can also monitor the charging status through Gogoro® App on their smartphone.

Product contents

gocharger 內容物
Number Item Quantity
1 GoCharger® battery charger 1
2 AC cord 1
3 GoCharger® quick start guide 1

Product view

gocharger 產品部位
gocharger 產品部位

First time use

  1. Make sure there is no Gogoro® battery in the GoCharger®.
  2. Connect the GoCharger® with wall AC socket using the AC cord.
  3. When the “Power / Network Indicator” lights up in red, it means that the GoCharger® is powered up but not yet connected to network. Please set up the network according to the next section before charging.
  4. If the “Power / Network Indicator” lights up in steady blue, it means the GoCharger® is connected to network and ready to charge batteries.

Connecting to home network

The GoCharger® can connect to the internet through an RJ45 cable or via Wi-Fi, user can choose the proper way.

  • Note: The RJ45 connection has higher priority than Wi-Fi, therefore, please do not plug in an RJ45 cable if you want to connect the GoCharger™ with network through Wi-Fi.

Downloading and installing the Gogoro® App

  • The Gogoro® App is available for iOS and Android platforms. Please check your smartphone for its specification before installing it.
  • iOS platform: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Please download from Apple iOS App Store.
  • Android platform: Requires Android 4.2 or later. Please download from Google Play App Store.
  • Best for devices with screen sizes from 3.5 to 5.0 inches and resolution from 720p to 1080p.
  • Note: Gogoro does not guarantee that every brand or model of smartphone can download and execute Gogoro® App properly.
  • Noe: The actual content and operation of Gogoro® App might be different due to model or version changes.

Using RJ45 network

  • Set the router to DHCP server mode, in order to assign IP address to the GoCharger®. Please refer to the manual of the router.
  • Connect GoCharger® to the router through cable. When the connection is sucessfully established, the “Power / Network Indicator” turns to steady blue, and GoCharger® is ready to charge.

Using Wi-Fi

  1. If GoCharger® is registered in user’s account, and the GoCharger® is not connecting to network via the RJ45 cable, the first time when you open Gogoro® App on smartphone, the smart card “Charge at home” will show up. Click the smartcard, or manually enter “System setup page”, then click “Set Up GoCharger®”.
  2. Follow the App instruction, long press the “Wi-Fi setup / Stop charging button” until the “Power / Network Indicator” turns blue and blinks fast. Now the GoCharger® is in “network setting mode” and waiting for connection with user’s smartphone.
  3. When smartphone is connected to GoCharger®, the “Power / Network Indicator” maintains fast blinking in blue, and “battery status indicator” lights up in steady green.
  4. Follow the App instruction, select correct wireless AP (SSID), input the password and click OK.
  5. When the GoCharger® connects with the wireless AP, “battery status indicator” turns off and “Power / Network Indicator” turns back to steady blue. Now the GoCharger® is ready to charge batteries.
  6. If you want to link to a different network, repeat the above procedure.
  • Note: Only the account that has been registered as “GoCharger® user” will show “Set Up GoCharger®” on the App. If you are not sure whether your account is registered or not, please consult the Gogoro Service Center at 0800-365-996.


  1. Make sure the GoCharger® is connected to network (“Power / Network Indicator” is steady blue).
  2. Put two Gogoro® batteris into battery slots in no particular order.
  3. When the two batteries are in the slots, the server will start to authenticate GoCharger® and batteries.
  4. If the authentication passes, the battery status indicator will have the following patterns:
    • Charging (battery level below 50%): Green, fast blink
    • Charging (battery level 50~90%): Green, blink
    • Complete charging (battery level above 90): Green, steady
    • Charging stopped: Off
  5. If authentication fails, or any error occurs, the “battery status indicator” will light up in steady red. Please refer to “Troubleshooting” section for possible causes and solutions.
  • Note: The temperature of batteries will rise to a certain extent during charging.
  • Note: The cooling fans will activate and create some noise during charging.

Stop charging manually

If you want to ride Smartscooter® immediately but batteries are still charging, you can manually stop charging by following these steps:

  • Short press the Wi-Fi setup / Stop charging button once.
  • When the “battery status indicators” are off, you can pull out the batteries.
  • Note: Please do not pull out batteries without pressing the Wi-Fi setup / Stop charging button. This may interrupt the data transmission between the batteries and the server, and create unexpected errors.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • For your safety, every time you move or clean the GoCharger®, unplug the AC cord beforehand.
  • If the exterior of GoCharger® is dirty, you can wipe it gently with a wet soft cloth.
  • If the battery connector is dirty, you can wipe it with dry cloth. Do not apply any water or any other liquid on the cloth or connectors.
  • Do not use any kind of scouring pad, steel wool, brushes, detergent, solvent or wax on any part of GoCharger®.

LED signal list

Power / Network Indicator Battery status indicator System Status
Red-Steady Off AC-in (network disconnected)
Blue-Steady Off AC-in (connected to Network)
Blue-Steady Red-Blink Error case occurred
Blue or Red-Steady Green-Fast Blink Charging (Battery level: Low)
Green-Blink Charging (Battery level: Mid)
Green-Steady Charging complete (Battery level: High)
Blue-Fast Blink Off Wlan configuration mode (Standby)
Blue-Fast Blink Green-Steady Wlan configuration mode (Linked to phone)
Blue-Blink Red-Blink Firmware updating
  • Blink:1Hz
  • Fast Blink:3Hz

Common problems and troubleshooting

Situation Possible causes Solutions
Cannot find “Set up GoCharger®” option in App to set up Wi-Fi
  1. The account name which logged in the Gogoro® App has not been registered as a GoCharger® user.
  1. Use a registered account to log in Gogoro® App, or use a registered user’s smartphone.
The battery status indicator blinks red after batteries are inserted.
  1. Fail to detect batteries.
  2. GoCharger® is not connected to server.
  3. Fees are overdue.
  4. The two batteries are not from the same Smartscooter®.
  5. Battery abnormal
  1. Pull out both batteries, switch place and insert them into the other slot, or turn the batteries to a different angle and insert them again.
  2. Check network connection of GoCharger® and user’s networking environment.
  3. Clear outstanding fees.
  4. Make sure all batteries are from the same Smartscooter®.
  5. Swap batteries at GoStation.
The battery status indicator doesn’t light up after batteries are inserted.
  1. Connector abnormal
  2. NFC error
  3. Battery abnormal
  1. Make sure the battery connectors are clean, batteries are properly inserted.
  2. Pull out both batteries, switch place and insert them into the other slot.
  3. Swap batteries at GoStation.
  • Note: If any situation not listed above takes place or the problem cannot be solved by following the instructions, please remove batteries from the GoCharger® battery charger, unplug AC cord, wait five seconds and re-insert the AC cord again. If situation persists, please contact Gogoro Service Center at 080-036-5996 for inspection or services.

GoCharger® battery charger specification

GoCharger® Battery Charger (with wireless module) Specifications

Category Feature Specification / Description
Functionality Support battery type Gogoro® Battery G000001
Number of battery channel 2
Power Input Input voltage 100~240V
Max. input current GC11 (GoCharger®):5.5A / 100VAC
GC12 (GoCharger® Plus):10.5A / 100VAC
Max. input power GC11 (GoCharger®):525W
GC12 (GoCharger® Plus):1050W
Standby power consumption 2.0W
Power Output Per Battery channel Output voltage 50.3V
Max. output current GC11 (GoCharger®): 4.5A
GC12 (GoCharger® Plus): 9A
Communication Network interface Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) / LAN port
LED indication Power / Wi-Fi / Charging Status / Alert
Smartphone application Gogoro® App (iOS & Android)
Safety Proactive protection Over voltage / current / temperature protection
Physical protection Output terminating while battery removed
Alarm indication LED indicator
Notification on Gogoro® App
Regulation CNS, NCC
General Case material PC
Storage temp. -20 ~ 60 ºC
Operating temp. 0 ~ 40 ºC (Ambient)
Relative humidity 0% ~ 95%
Dimension ( L x W x H) 430 x 270 x 170 (mm)
Weight GC11 (GoCharger®):6.8 kg
GC12 (GoCharger® Plus):8.3 kg
  • Manufacturer:Gogoro Inc.
  • Address:33, Dinghu Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan, 33378 Taiwan
  • Tel:+886-3-2730900
  • Toll-Free Service Center:0800-365-996

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